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Reddy Vineyards
November 21, 2019 | Reddy Vineyards

Texas Wine Tasting and Winery Tours

When it comes to wine, its single most defining characteristic is the place—and more specifically where the grapes for the wine are grown. There’s also an argument to be made that place also plays a part in the enjoyment of wine—specifically visiting where a wine is made.

Wine tasting in Texas has never been more accessible for wine lovers: there are hundreds of Texas wineries across the state, a long list of wine tasting events, and a wide selection of wine tasting tours.

There are essentially two ways to plan a wine tasting visit. One is to put together a thoughtful schedule for a trip sometime in the future and the other is to be impulsive and to just go for it. Either way, we suggest limiting your visits to no more than two to three winery visits per day, calling your destinations ahead of time to make a reservation, and to carefully chart the distance between wineries. Depending on the offerings at the wineries you want to visit, you should plan to be at each winery for one to two hours.

When you plan your wine tasting tours, keep in mind that most wineries will charge a nominal wine tasting fee which will include a taste of multiple wines. Most wineries will refund your tasting fee if you buy a bottle of wine. 

One alternative to planning a wine tasting in Texas on your own is to consider hiring a wine tour guide. The best wine tour in Texas will be one where the guide offers a range of options, including private or shared tours, a custom agenda, and most importantly, your driver/guide will be a wine enthusiast. For example, the best wine tasting in Dallas offers a driver, a five-hour window to visit wineries, and an opportunity to enjoy lunch along the way—all led by an oenophile who can offer in-depth information about the wines, wineries, and region you’re touring. 

Wine tasting tours in Texas don’t have to be strictly tasting at a winery. At Reddy Vineyards, we offer a one of a kind experience that will allow you to bring a unique wine tasting to your own home. If you call Dallas home, Reddy Vineyards can arrange a private wine tasting in Dallas, Texas for you. An advance reservation is required thirty days in advance for this service. 

When you’re ready to plan your next Texas winery visit, consider focusing on a single Texas wine region, such as the Texas High Plains in West Texas. You can download a map from to set your course or you can arrange a guided visit with West Texas Wine Tours. 

Because wine tasting in Texas is synonymous with southern hospitality, you can expect a wide assortment of offers. Some wineries will offer a focused wine tasting, while others will take you in the vineyard, through the winery and then offer you a wine tasting in the cellar or tasting room accompanied by a few bites of food perfectly paired with the wine in the glass.

At Reddy Vineyards in the Texas High Plains, hospitality is important to us. When you visit us in Brownfield, Texas, we want you to feel as though you are visiting a friend, to relax, savor each of the wines we pour for you and absorb the experience of tasting our wines in their home.

On a visit to Reddy Vineyards, you’ll taste our current releases, including Reddy Vineyards Marsanne, Reddy Vineyards TNT Red Blend, Reddy Vineyards“The Dyer” Red Blend, and Reddy Vineyards Field Blend. Visitors are also the first to taste new releases, such as the Reddy Vineyards Roséor Sauvignon Blanc we’ll introduce in January 2020. 

We hope we’ll see you at Reddy Vineyards soon.

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Reddy Vineyards
November 18, 2019 | Reddy Vineyards

Texas Vineyard & Winery Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

It’s no secret that everything is bigger in Texas, including the wedding dreams of the Lonestar State’s brides- and grooms-to-be. And there is no place better for making those dreams come true than a Texas vineyard wedding. 

Texas Winery Wedding

Wineries by their very nature inspire romance. The place where grapes are turned into silky, luscious wine that’s used to toast the happiest occasions, makes for an unparalleled wedding setting.

Vijay and Subada Reddy of Reddy Vineyards knew this when they built their winery and assembled two stunning barns on their property to host weddings. The Reddys wanted to create more than just a location for a Texas winery wedding, they wanted to make an unforgettable experience for happy couples. 

The Reddys began with the interior of the barns, knowing that this is where couples would be toasted, where they would dance their first dance as husband and wife, and where they would host their friends and families for a party that would create lifelong memories. 

The barns at Reddy Vineyards are elegant enough for seated dinners with just enough country-chic to make sure your Texas winery wedding is picture-perfect. And the barns can be decorated at the whim of the bride and groom, to ensure that their Texas vineyard wedding is as unique as they are.

The barns are spacious, allowing you ample opportunity to design the room to meet your vision, arrange tables as you see fit, set up a dance floor, and celebrate your special day from start to finish in a room that features stunning chandeliers, draped walls, and wood beams.

Texas Vineyard & Winery Wedding Venue

True to its calling as a Texas winery wedding venue, there is the space at Reddy Vineyards dedicated to outdoor wedding ceremonies. Couples make their wedding vows in “The Circle” a beautiful vineyard wedding ceremony space unlike any other. Grapevines flow outward like rays of the sun from a center circle covered with grass to create a special space that signifies unity and vows endless love. Imagine friends and family joined in a circle to celebrate you against the backdrop of picturesque vineyards and under an open sky that goes on forever. With all the natural beauty of the vineyard, there’s little need to enhance it with any additional decor. In fact, Reddy Vineyards is one of the most beautiful vineyard wedding venues in Texas, ensuring that you’ll have wedding photos that you’ll treasure.

Texas Vineyard & Winery Wedding

With a Texas winery wedding, newlyweds can make the most of the ambiance by adding special touches that showcase such a lovely location. Florals can reflect the colors of wine with burgundy and beige blossoms. Name cards can be made to look like wine labels. Barrels can be used for cocktail tables or a stand for large floral arrangements. And finally, the menu can be chosen to pair with your favorite Reddy Vineyards wines. 

Adding to its allure, Reddy Vineyards is only 40 minutes from Lubbock, making it not only one of the most stunning winery wedding venues in Texas but one of the most accessible as well. Guests can fly in and out Lubbock, as well find lodging in the Texas Panhandle city. And the winery is located right off Highway 62. Reddy Vineyards barns can hold up to 250 people and there’s ample parking for all your guests.

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Reddy Vineyards
November 11, 2019 | Reddy Vineyards

Texas Wine and Grape Harvest Season 2019

There is no season more vibrant and alive in the Texas High Plains as the breathtaking Texas grape harvest. Vijay and Subada Reddy remember their first harvest in the same way that parents recall bringing home a baby. It was a rush of excitement and nervousness, and each new harvest has been a replay of that first time.

Texas grape harvest

Like a newborn, a Texas wine harvest takes on a life of its own. There’san energy, a vibe in the air that attracts wine lovers and adventurers from far and near to experience the Texas wine harvest. 

Vintners are on high alert for drastic changes in weather during harvest. The weather plays an important role in determining exactly when grapes are picked and something as common as a rainstorm can wreak havoc on the best laid plans for picking. Rain can dilute grapes and too much moisture in the air can result in moldy grape clusters. A heat wave can cause a spike in sugar levels in the grapes. But Texas vintners take these risks in stride; it’s all a part of pioneering winegrowing in Texas.

The Texas grape harvest season begins in the eastern part of the state as early as the first day of August. Harvest moves west into the High Plains region quickly and continues there longer than any other part of the state due to the span of maturation for the wide variety of grapes grown in the region. Harvest season 2019 was right on schedule despite a drought that impacted most of the state, including the Texas High Plains. 

A busy time for all Texas grape growers, harvest is an especially active time in the Texas High Plains AVA. There are more than 75 grape varieties grown in the region that are harvested each year. Among the most popular are Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Merlot, Mourvedre, Sangiovese, Viognier, Muscat Canelli, Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Primitivo, Chardonnay, Petite Verdot, Tannat, Sauvignon Blanc, and Petite Sirah. With this large number of grape varieties, harvest can span three months from the first pick to the last.

At Reddy Vineyards, the 2019 Texas winegrapes harvest kicked off with the earlier ripening varieties, such as Viognier and Muscat. Other grapes picked early in the season are typically Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño and Marsanne. As the season progressed, the whites finished just as the red varieties were at their optimum ripeness. For Reddy Vineyards, harvest concludes in October when the heartiest red grape varieties are picked, delivered to the winery and put in the tank to ferment.

Reddy Vineyards harvests grapes late at night and into the early morning hours under bright lights to ensure the highest quality of fruit is picked. This method for harvesting delivers grapes to the winery while the temperatures are cool enough to preserve their optimum sugar and acid levels. 

This extraordinary time, when all Texas vintners harvest their grapes, offers visitors a bevy of activities to do and sights to see. For the enthusiast, it’s worthwhile seeking out vintners who invite visitors into the vineyard to pick grapes. This hands-on experience is one of the best ways to fully understand how the hard work performed in vineyards is critical to the activities inside the winery. And while you might discover some fun and games like stomping grapes, at Reddy Vineyards we believe that harvest is best celebrated with a glass of wine in hand. 

Earlier this year, Reddy Vineyards Texas released its Field Blend, a blend of Italian grape varietals; TNT Red Blend, made with Touriga Nacional and Tempranillo, and The Dyer Red Blend, comprised of Alicante Bouschet and Merlot; all of which can be purchased online or at the winery.These Texas Hill Country Wines are perfect for sipping this fall as shorter days inspire us all to spend more time relaxing with friends and family.

For visitors and vintners alike, harvest is a magical time throughout Texas wine country. For Vijay and Subada’s son, Akhil Reddy, the Texas wine grapes harvest is his favorite time of year. Having grown up in the Texas High Plains area, he doesn’t mind the long nights and early mornings. For him, the hard work of the Texas grape harvest season is not a job, it’s a passion.

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Reddy Vineyards
November 3, 2019 | Reddy Vineyards

Wine and Grape Growers in West Texas High Plains AVA

It was no accident that Vijay and Subada Reddy found their way to the Texas High Plains. As passionate scientists with a five-generation family history in farming, the Reddys settled in the Texas High Plains town of Lubbock in 1971. Already known for cotton farming, the Reddys were among the early pioneers in the region’s dramatic expansion as an extraordinary winegrowing region in the 1990s.

Reddy Vineyards & Winery

According to the Texas Wine Grape Growers Guide, a publication produced by Texas A&M University, there were plenty of opportunities for the Reddys to make their mark in the industry. In fact, the guide recorded growth in grape plantings and wine productions from 1,400 gallons in the late 1970s to 1.6 million gallons in the late 1990s.

The Reddys, who own the second oldest active vineyard in Terry County, relied on the Texas Grape Growers Guide as they began selecting the grapes they wanted to cultivate, a number that stands at 38 varieties today, making Reddy Vineyards the most diverse vineyard in the state. 

During the period of growth that saw the Reddys plant their 400-plus acres, the state was welcoming a bevy of other Texas grape growers. In a short span, the vineyard holdings in the state swelled to an impressive 12,000-plus acre spread over eight wine-growing regions.

The Texas High Plains AVA, a region that includes Amarillo, Brownfield, Lubbock, and other towns spread out in the Texas Panhandle, is where Reddy Vineyards is located. There are more than 4,000 acres planted with wine grapes in this corner of the state, where the vineyards stretch out along flatlands and mesas and grapes thrive in the region’s higher elevations, averaging 3,500 feet above sea level. 

The Vineyards in Texas High Plains are planted at a high elevation of 3,305 feet and benefit from a long growing season with warm days and cool nights. Sandy loam soils with deep limestone deposits protect the vines from pests while forcing the vines to produce grapes with concentrated flavors. This unique terroir, unlike anywhere else in Texas, allows the Reddys to grow grapes with exceptional balance, depth, flavor, and intensity.

This unique terroir also allows the Reddys to cultivate a wide selection of grapes. Among the varieties that the Reddys grow are Agliancio, Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Grenache, Malbec, Merlot, Montepulciano, Mourvèdre, Muscat Canelli, Negroamaro, Orange Muscat, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Pinot Gris, Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Tempranillo, and Viognier. 

The Texas High Plains is nearly four times the size of the state’s next largest American Viticultural Area (AVA), the Texas Hill Country. And while the Texas Hill Country is home to over 50 wineries, it’s the Texas High Plains where 85 percent of the entire state’s wine grapes are produced. 

The Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association, the industry’s champion, tracks the successes of Texas winegrowers, including the $13.1 billion dollars that grapes and wine contribute to its bottom line. It is also the authority on where to go and what to do—an important resource for wine lovers. From wine festivals that take place all over Texas to the more than 75 grape varieties that are grown and used to make Texas wines, the Texas Grape Growers Association is a one-stop source of information about Texas wine.

Texas winegrowers take great pride in their work and are diligent in protecting the authenticity ofTexas wines—wines made with grapes grown only in Texas. The Reddys go a step further and make all of their wines with only 100 percent estate-grown Texas fruit. With their exquisite vineyard and boutique winery, the Reddys will continue to pioneer the Texas wine industry for years to come. 

Visit Reddy Vineyards in the panhandle of Texas to see what West Texas grape growers do best—grow premium fine wine grapes to make Texas’s best wines.

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