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Reddy Vineyards was founded in 1997 by acclaimed viticulturist Dr. Vijay Reddy. His vast expertise in both soil chemistry and farming led to a gold medal-winning Cabernet Sauvignon with his first planting. His passion for the vineyard has determined a lifetime pursuit of perfecting and cultivating wine grapes.


From produce and grain in the lush terrain of South India to cotton and peanuts in the High Plains of West Texas, Dr. Reddy’s roots in farming lie deep within the agricultural community. A fifth-generation farmer, Dr. Reddy came to the U.S. in 1971 to pursue a graduate degree in soil and plant science and obtained a doctorate in 1975. Along with his wife Subada, Dr. Reddy established and ran a soil consulting laboratory while continuing to farm cotton and peanuts.


In 1997, after having discovered the premium quality of grapes from the Texas High Plains, Reddy planted the family’s first grape vines. Reddy Vineyards is now comprised of a constantly expanding 300+ acres planted with 38 different varietals, making it the most diverse vineyard in Texas.

Dr. Vijay Reddy

Subada Reddy


The Vineyards

At Reddy Vineyards, we strive to provide the highest quality grapes to be enjoyed as your family’s favorite wine.  Situated in the heart of the Texas High Plains AVA (American Viticultural Area), our vineyards are blessed to possess a rare combination of factors ideal for growing premium grapes.  Soaring at an elevation of 3305 feet, the vineyards experience a long growing season with warm days and cool nights.  Sandy loam soils with deep limestone deposits protect the vines from pests while forcing the vines to produce concentrated grapes. This unique terroir allows us to grow grapes with exceptional balance, depth, flavor and intensity.  






With 38 of the world’s most coveted varietals planted at Reddy Vineyards, our ability to create new and exciting wines is unmatched.



A pioneer in the Texas wine industry, Reddy Vineyards has been recognized as a leading source of premium grapes by wine producers throughout the state for over twenty years.  With 38 of the world’s most coveted varietals planted at Reddy Vineyards, our ability to create new and exciting wines is unmatched.  Many of our wines have received national acclaim.  We continuously invest in our land and winery to ensure that each bottle of Reddy Vineyards wine represents the best that Texas has to offer.  We look forward to sharing a bottle from our family’s premium estate collection of wines with you.