Reddy Vineyards in the Spring

Bud Break and Flowering on a West Texas Vineyard

By Reddy Vineyards contributor, Katy Anderson

Springtime on a vineyard in can be an exciting and busy time of the year, as it marks the beginning of the grape growing season. At Reddy Vineyards in West Texas, the vineyard comes to life with new growth and the promise of a bountiful fall harvest.

One of the most significant events that occur during the spring is bud break. This refers to when the grapevine buds start to burst through, signaling the start of a new growing season. Bud break typically occurs in late March or early April in the Texas High Plains AVA but depends on the specific climate conditions and grape varieties being grown.

“Ideally, we look for good spring rains and mild weather as we go from cold to spring and summer. However, there’s always a risk for late frost this time of year especially with bud break happening and vines are more sensitive to freeze.”, says Lood Kotze, Executive Wine Maker for Reddy Vineyards.

After bud break, the grapevines will begin to develop shoots and leaves, and eventually flowers. The flowering stage is a critical time for grapevines as it marks the start of fruit development. During this state, the grapevines produce tiny flowers that eventually develop into grape clusters.

The timing of flowering can vary depending on the grape variety, but it typically occurs in late May or early June in West Texas. The flowering stage is crucial because it determines the potential yield of the grapevine. If the weather conditions during flowering are optimal, the grapevine will produce more flowers, which can lead to a larger harvest.

However, if the weather is unfavorable, such as heavy rains or extreme temperatures, it can impact pollination, resulting in fewer flowers and a smaller harvest. Grape growers in West Texas must closely monitor the weather during the flowering stage and take steps to protect the grapevines if necessary.

“It’s a very exciting part of the year as we’re starting a new cycle. While we’re always weary about frost, but we’re hopeful about good rain showers for the new growing season.”, Lood Kotze continues. “What happens with the grapes each season determines the outcome of the wine a few years ahead.”

The spring is always an exciting time of the year when the vineyards come to life with new growth. At Reddy Vineyards, bud break has already begun and they will be sharing updates on their social media channels as the grapevines grow and thrive.

pruned grape vines
Spring growth in the vineyard

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