Texas Wine Tasting and Winery Tours

When it comes to wine, its single most defining characteristic is the place—and more specifically where the grapes for the wine are grown. There’s also an argument to be made that place also plays a part in the enjoyment of wine—specifically visiting where a wine is made.

Wine tasting in Texas has never been more accessible for wine lovers: there are hundreds of Texas wineries across the state, a long list of wine tasting events, and a wide selection of wine tasting tours.

There are essentially two ways to plan a wine tasting visit. One is to put together a thoughtful schedule for a trip sometime in the future and the other is to be impulsive and to just go for it. Either way, we suggest limiting your visits to no more than two to three winery visits per day, calling your destinations ahead of time to make a reservation, and to carefully chart the distance between wineries. Depending on the offerings at the wineries you want to visit, you should plan to be at each winery for one to two hours.

When you plan your wine tasting tours, keep in mind that most wineries will charge a nominal wine tasting fee which will include a taste of multiple wines. Most wineries will refund your tasting fee if you buy a bottle of wine. 

One alternative to planning a wine tasting in Texas on your own is to consider hiring a wine tour guide. The best wine tour in Texas will be one where the guide offers a range of options, including private or shared tours, a custom agenda, and most importantly, your driver/guide will be a wine enthusiast. For example, the best wine tasting in Dallas offers a driver, a five-hour window to visit wineries, and an opportunity to enjoy lunch along the way—all led by an oenophile who can offer in-depth information about the wines, wineries, and region you’re touring. 

Wine tasting tours in Texas don’t have to be strictly tasting at a winery. At Reddy Vineyards, we offer a one of a kind experience that will allow you to bring a unique wine tasting to your own home. If you call Dallas home, Reddy Vineyards can arrange a private wine tasting in Dallas, Texas for you. An advance reservation is required thirty days in advance for this service. 

When you’re ready to plan your next Texas winery visit, consider focusing on a single Texas wine region, such as the Texas High Plains in West Texas. You can download a map from www.txwinelover.com to set your course or you can arrange a guided visit with West Texas Wine Tours. 

Because wine tasting in Texas is synonymous with southern hospitality, you can expect a wide assortment of offers. Some wineries will offer a focused wine tasting, while others will take you in the vineyard, through the winery and then offer you a wine tasting in the cellar or tasting room accompanied by a few bites of food perfectly paired with the wine in the glass.

At Reddy Vineyards in the Texas High Plains, hospitality is important to us. When you visit us in Brownfield, Texas, we want you to feel as though you are visiting a friend, to relax, savor each of the wines we pour for you and absorb the experience of tasting our wines in their home.

On a visit to Reddy Vineyards, you’ll taste our current releases, including Reddy Vineyards Marsanne, Reddy Vineyards TNT Red Blend, Reddy Vineyards“The Dyer” Red Blend, and Reddy Vineyards Field Blend. Visitors are also the first to taste new releases, such as the Reddy Vineyards Roséor Sauvignon Blanc we’ll introduce in January 2020. 

We hope we’ll see you at Reddy Vineyards soon.

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