Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

By Katy Anderson, a Reddy Vineyards Contributor

Looking for a great wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? The right blend of tannins, flavor notes, and acid can bring out the subtlest hints in each of your favorite holiday dishes. We have you covered from the all-around MVPs to a breakdown of each dish so you can pick out the perfect label this holiday season.

Overall Picks

If you are looking for an overall great wine pairing, aim for a varietal that will not overshadow a specific dish but instead complement a wide variety of items. Cabernets and chardonnays tend to have overpowering oak notes that are better suited for heavier proteins. Instead try a Pinot Noir or Riesling which make a great addition to the classic fall flavors of Thanksgiving. You can find both types of wine in Reddy Vineyards’ Holiday Wine Bundle.

Reddy Vineyards Holiday Wine Bundle contains the 2020 Reserve Pinot Noir, 2019 TX-BDX Bordeaux Blend and 2020 Riesling


My family typically gathers a few hours before dinner for light bites and charcuterie. A dry rosé makes a great option to sip on as the holiday meal comes together. Try the 2019 Signature Dry Rosé from Reddy Vineyards, that is light-bodied with a crisp, mineral-driven finish.

Specific Dishes

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas dish? Go for the label that will pair with those second, and third helpings, that you will inevitably partake in. Perhaps, it’s mom’s homemade stuffing and sweet potato casserole! Both the 2020 Dry Riesling and TX Lush Semi-Sweet White make excellent white wine options for side dishes.

If your focus is on the star of the show, a perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey, then reach for the 2020 Reserve Pinot Noir. If you are more of a honey glazed ham fan, try the 2019 Grand Vitis French Red Blend for a smooth and soft finish.

For the vegetarians focusing on the greens on the Thanksgiving table, reach for a bottle of 2019 Sauvignon Blanc. As for mashed potatoes, there’s no better match than the 2019 VMR White Blend for heaps of butter, garlic, and thyme. If your jam is the cranberry sauce, try a glass of the 2019 TNT Tempranillo Red Blend  for a full-bodied wine with flavors of dark cherry, blackberry, and spice.


Pumpkin Pie is a Thanksgiving staple, and we hope you’ll pair the Reserve Viognier with yours! However, another of our favorites is a homemade chocolate pie with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and a large glass of the 2019 TX-BDX Right Bank Red Blend.

Pairing Cheat Sheet

Charcuterie- 2019 Signature Dry Rosé

Oven Roasted Turkey- 2020 Reserve Pinot Noir 

Honey Glazed Ham- 2019 Grand Vitis French Red Blend

Vegetables/Green Beans- 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

Mashed Potatoes- 2019 VMR White Blend

Cranberry Sauce- 2019 TNT Tempranillo Red Blend

Stuffing- 2020 Dry Riesling

Sweet Potato Casserole- TX Lush Semi-Sweet White

Pumpkin Pie- Reserve Viognier

Chocolate Pie- 2019 TX-BDX Right Bank Red Blend

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