Custom Crush: Create Your Own Wine Label with Reddy Vineyards!

Have you ever wanted your own wine label? Do you own a winery and looking to source quality grapes? From experienced winemakers to those new to the wine business, Reddy Vineyards offers a wide range of options and services. They work with boutique wineries, corporations, friend groups, large wineries, and startups, providing competitive pricing for Texas custom winemaking, private label, bulk wine, and more!

I sat down with Reddy Vineyards’ team to discuss this unique Custom Crush program. We delve into the secrets behind Reddy Vineyard’s success, their vast varietals, and their dedication to supporting Texas wine. Read on as we uncork the story of this award-winning Texas vineyard!


Reddy Vineyards is the 2nd largest vineyard in Texas and one of the top Texas wineries. Led by Dr. Akhil Reddy, Vijay Reddy PhD, and Executive Winemaker Lood Kotze, their team of experienced winemakers and viticulturists are pioneers of the Texas wine industry. Akhil, can you tell us more about your family vineyard and what sets you apart as an option for premier winemaking?

Reddy Vineyards has been in business for 26 years, and it has been an incredible journey. Throughout this time, we have developed a deep appreciation for the craft. Our own boutique winery has allowed us to better understand our clients’ needs.

We currently have a 400 acre of vineyard with 38 varietals in the Texas High Plains AVA. Our team has the expertise and equipment necessary to create top-quality wines from crushing, fermenting, aging, to bottling. We are also able to offer competitive pricing, as the winery is located directly on the vineyard, cutting out shipping and logistics costs.

Impressive indeed! How many varietals do you currently grow, and which ones are the biggest standouts?

We currently grow a total of 38 varietals. Among the most prominent ones are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Syrah, Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, Albarino, Pink Muscat Blanc, and Pinot Grigio.

That’s an extraordinary range of varietals. I understand that you also have your own Reddy Vineyards label. What are some standouts from the estate winery, and can clients expect the same quality?

Absolutely. We take immense pride in growing and producing ultra-quality grapes since 1997. Our boutique winery has given us an intimate understanding of the winemaking process, from the vine to the bottle. This hands-on experience has enabled us to fine-tune our grape cultivation, ensuring that we provide our clients with the best possible fruit for their winemaking endeavors.

Standouts from the Reddy Vineyards estate would include our Reserve labels, scored between 91-96 Points by The Tasting Panel, Somm Journal, and the San Diego Wine Challenge. These labels have also won multiple awards such as Double Gold Medal winners at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competitions and Texas Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Viognier Champions at the Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competitions.

Y’all certainly know what you are doing! Your commitment to quality and local support is commendable. Is there anything else you’d like to share before we conclude?

As 2023 rolls on, I would like to inform all winemakers that this is the last call for our grapes this year. If you’re looking to create exceptional wines, now is the time to get in touch with us and secure your batch of top-notch Texas grapes.

Thank you, Dr. Akhil Reddy, for sharing your insights with us. It’s been a privilege to learn about Reddy Vineyards and its contributions to the Texas winemaking industry.


Reddy Vineyards stands tall as a beacon of quality winemaking in the Texas High Plains AVA. With 38 remarkable varietals and a rich history of supporting local wineries, their dedication to delivering premier grapes is unrivaled. As the last call for 2023 grapes approaches, winemakers have a golden opportunity to experience the essence of Texas terroir through the exceptional offerings of Reddy Vineyards!

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