How to Host a Valentines Wine Tasting!

Trying to plan an interactive Galantines or Valentines party? Change things up with a fun wine tasting idea for your guests to enjoy!

This game pays off to bring a great wine that everyone enjoys, such as Reddy Vineyards! They are an award-winning estate vineyard & winery located in the Texas High Plains AVA whose labels are universally loved.

What You Need:

  • A list of people that enjoy wine as much as you do
  • Tall brown paper bags and rubber bands
  • Small cups for tasting (glasses are always best and mouthwash cups work as well!)
  • Tickets, or pieces of paper, to vote
  • Containers or Cups for tickets (will need an equal amount to the amount of wines to try)
  • Preferably 2 tables or countertops. One for all the wines to be tasted and the other to hold the grand prize

Rules of the Game:

  1. Ask each guest, or couple, to bring 2 bottles of the same label of wine. One bottle will go on the prize table, the other to the tasting table.
  • Place all the tasting bottles into the paper bags and put a number on each one. Rubber bands can help keep the tops closed so there is no peaking as you pour!
  • Set out small cups to sample each of the covered wines (mouthwash cups work great for larger groups!) for each guest to try and find their favorites.
  • Each guest should get 3-5 tickets or pieces of paper to place in the container next to the wine they liked the best. You can place one ticket, or all of them if it is your absolute favorite!
  • The person who brought the most popular wine, wins all the prize table bottles! Hopefully they will share their winnings to keep the party going!

Valentines wine tasting, wine bags, tasting contest.

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